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Apex Mouthguards

Welcome to the home of the infamous "Apex Guard" used by many professional sports men and women - and the mouthguard used by the Brisbane Bronco's!

Why should I use an Apex Guard and not one from the sports store?

The answer is simple.  Apex guards are moulded around your own mouth so they fit perfectly and protect teeth better than any other. We do this by getting an impression of your mouth and making a replica of it. This allows us to pressure mould at high temperature the specially fabricated blanks that re-distribute the shock of a hit around the mouth. For a more technical explanation please call our Laboratory.

What Guard is right for me? What's the difference?

Standard Guard: Suitable for most soft ball recreational sports and Junior sports. The Guard has two layers of a special polymer moulded to your impression at high temperature to maximize snug fit. The Guards can be colored/multi-colored and contain your name printed in between the two layers. The Guards come with a box and advice on how to keep your guard as long as possible.

Professional Guard: The Guard used by all serious sports people including all hard ball and stick sports. This Guard contains a "hard inserted" specially fabricated shock absorbing strip as well as a high grade double-layered polymer construction. Surprisingly thin, this Guard will protect better than any other but still allow for movement and breathing.

Boxing/Kick-Boxing Guard: A specially fabricated guard that has a top and bottom guard joined. This Guard is specifically designed for full-contact boxing and allows breathing room with full protection of both upper and lower teeth. These guards contain hard inserts and are available in colors as well as clear high-grade polymer.