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Titanium Denture Castings

Titanium Castings

Apex Dental Laboratory's are pleased to announce they now offer full Pure Titanium and Titanium Alloy castings as well as the standard chrome castings.

Titanium is well known in the Dental industry for its strength and lightweight nature. The symbiocast uses electric arc and a vacuum chamber to allow the Apex Technicians to achieve a good cast,  first time, every time.

Laser Welding

Apex Dental is proud to offer their customers the addition of Laser Welding to their partial denture castings division.

Laser Welding allows the technicians to weld two halves of a broken denture together with very little heat generated. This means that on most occasions, the technicians have no need to touch the acrylic work.

The Laser Welder can weld both titanium and chrome as well as most other metals.